Things to Do When You Receive a Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit

You have received a letter from your local law enforcement support group. This is a notice that your ISP is being served a subpoena forcing you to provide your identity to Strike 3 Holdings LLC subpoena notice. This notice also tells you that you have been sued by Strike 3 Holdings LLC for sharing their files most especially their adult films illegally. This notice basically tells you that you have within 30 days to file your objection to the court. If you will not be able to do so, they will have the right to provide your personal information as signed by a federal judge.  Be excited to learn to our most important info about Strike 3 Holdings.

Now, what do you do? The clock is now ticking. Your 30-day deadline from the ISP to quash your Strike 3 Holdings subpoena is almost coming to an end. Again, what do you do?

At this time, you should know that it is not yet too late. This short article will give you a summary with the things that you can do when you receive a lawsuit from Strike 3 Holdings LLC.

The moment you receive this particular notice, be sure to get in touch with an attorney ASAP. Book a free consultation with an attorney that has tried dealing with ISP lawsuits. Make sure to ask them all the questions you need to know the answers to in your impending notice. 

Who is suing you?
Obviously, Strike 3 Holdings LLC is the company that is suing you. This company is currently suing a number of subscribers across the USA for the illegal download and seeding of their adult movies. Learn the most important lesson about Strike 3 Holdings at .

Where are these Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits filed?
They are basically filed in any location within the US where illegal seeding and download of adult movies are being done.

What is the reason why Strike 3 Holdings LLC is suing you?
The answer is copyright infringement. More specifically, for sharing and acquiring the adult movies that are under the Strike 3 Holdings LLC company illegally. Usually, these things are done by doing the peer-to-peer file sharing method that is referred to as Bit Torrent.

If Strike 3 Holdings LLC can sue any person with statutory damages, the copyright infringement lawsuit that the person is facing can cause 150,000 dollars. So that this can be done, they must obtain the copyright at the time that the lawsuits are filed. If not, then they can only sue for actual damages that amount to the annual or monthly subscription rate of the website or adult film that was not purchased.